Thursday, March 03, 2016

Interesting Discovery

Today I was looking over my recent works and saw this. 
Needless to say I was pretty shocked at first because each one came at such different times in my life. The bridge was me when I was looking to get started posting again. The mech in the trees was when I was finally comfortable using photos as part of my process. The one on the freeway came after a lovely get away with my wife and the mech in the shallows I chalk up to nothing more than a doodle. 

The colors though... I had no idea I was doing that. That I had an actual hue comfort zone. There is some excitement in this realization because it opens other doors creatively and I can use it as a point of reference when I'm working so my stuff doesn't get stale. 

Anyway. There it is. Something I found interesting and I thought I'd share.


Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Ameling!

I messaged you on facebook, but I wasn't sure if that is the best way of contacting you.

I was wondering, would you be able to sign a magic card through the mail? I would love to have my Torrent of Souls signed by you! Please let me know if this is something you'd be willing to do, or if there is a better way of contacting you.

Matthew Schneider

mountainmage said...

Oh, and my email is if that is easier for you.