Monday, December 14, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sketch pages

Nothing significant this time around. But messing around with simple shapes and basic designs did lead to some inspiring ideas for future paintings. Spoiler alert: they will be about robots all beaten to hell as per usual. Happy Friday

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Character Development

So this morning I took a look at the work I did yesterday. I wanted to jump into working on the environment but it occurred to me that the reason I have been having trouble with a previous piece(mech in trees) is that it lacked story. I don't need anything too heady just something that drives the image a bit more that I had previously illustrated. That said I went on to the first and most logical question - Who is this? Answering this is going to make the rest of the piece fall in line. I can't tell you just yet, as I don't know but I like these options.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Finding the Composition

I opted to use the big guy because I felt he had the most personality. Some of the others had merit but regarding the final environment I have in mind I felt the tubby guy would be the most interesting. I also feel he'd be believable as a supersized character. I'm not totally in love with the composition right now because it does not break the confines as to what I consider cliche. Also this is like straight out of Evangelion. A tubby Eva unit would be dope though. Anyway, more tomorrow.

Grey Mech Variations

These took a bit longer that I had intended. My intention was to knock these out really quick being loosely based on the grey mech from the previous post. The first two are on the right track but that third one got really stiff. The two on the bottom line have personality but are quite a departure from the direction I wanted to go. These will end up in a large hanger with sparks flying from a welders gun, military jeep, monumental cords and random puddles for some sweet reflections. Basically all the stuff that ends up around a scene like that.

bot's and bot's and bot's and bot's

One old, three new ... ish. I'm currently taking another stab at designing the bottom right one.
More to follow.