Thursday, October 20, 2016

A bit of a lesson today

Today I did a search for images that I've created on Google. I wanted to find some old stuff from the beginning of my career. What I found instead was the photo ref I used when I painted the piece House Call. I clicked the image. To my horror I was linked to my friend and colleague's portfolio, Julien Lefebvre. I immediately took the post down and reached out to him. He was really kind to me, which I appreciated to no end, but it kind of makes me feel hollow and really ashamed. There was I time that I lashed out at a legend in the industry for doing the exact. I did it publicly. And the repercussion was pretty loud.
This could have gone pretty bad for me and I'm happy it didn't. When I spoke with him he was good about setting my mind at ease. I was lucky.

A little about his character- after my landscape of apologies his response: "If my work inspired you, that's cool 😉

For context I've received permission from Julien to repost.